Aadhaar card pdf password change

Aadhar or aadhaar card issued by the unique identification authority of india uidai in the passwordprotected pdf portable document format file. In the 2nd option of aadhaar card pdf password, you adress postal pin code is. Protected where the password is your 6digit postal area pin code. The aadhaar card password is essential to unlocking aadhaar related pdf.

Resident can download eaadhaar using 28 digit enrolment no. How to remove password from aadhar or aadhaar card pdf. On the print page, click on the change button located on the left side of the page. I am not able to open the pdf file of my e aadhaar card. What is the password number for an aadhaar card in pdf. What is the password to open e aadhaar card pdf file in. The password contains the first four letters of your name mentioned in the. The password which you will have to enter to open your aadhaar card pdf file will be your address postal pin code. In case pin code doesnt work, type the initial 4 letters. Aadhaar card holders often get confused about the aadhaar card password. I dont know the password of the pdf containing eaadhaar card file. Enter the pin code of the postal address that you mentioned when registering for aadhaar.

The eaadhaar password is a combination of letters from your name and numbers from your date of birth. E aadhaar is downloaded in the form of a pdf document that is password protected. The password will be received to the mobile number which will be linked to your aadhaar only. Aadhar card update archives uidai download aadhar card. Earlier, the password of the pdf version of aadhaar card was residence pin code of the cardholder. Next click on the change option to remove print option and add save as pdf option. In order to open the password protected aadhaar card pdf, you have two options in your hand. Due to some other reasons, uidai has changed the security keyword to an 8character alphanumeric code which was as explained above. In this download process otp is received on registered mobile no.

Aadhar card password pdf password for eaadhaar online. The very first step of this procedure involves your personal details section wherein the user are provided two relevant options to choose from namely i have enrolment id aadhar. How to remove password from aadhar or aadhaar card pdf file. A the password to the pdf containing eaadhaar card file is a combination of the first four letters of your name written in capitals name as mentioned in the aadhaar card and your year of birth in yyyy format. Resident can download eaadhaar by following two ways. The easiest way to remove the password from aadhar card without using any software or uploading to any third party website. Resident can also use totp to download eaadhaar instead of otp. Updating address on your aadhaar card online you can update or change your address online. The dedicated password for your eaadhaar pdf file will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the password your 6digit area postal pin code for the old system and for. The password basically contains the first four letters of. Uidai is mandated to issue an easily verifiable 12 digit random number as unique identity aadhaar to all residents of india. Here are two ways to open that aadhar card pdf file. Type in the password received through the sms and open your pdf file document.

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