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There are hundreds of comic book characters youve never heard of. Start off with the first page, or click any link below to begin your journey into. I dont mean to ask which characters do stupid things. Smells like infinite sadness a 40somethings musings on the current state of music, film and pop culture. Below are some of the stupidest, most ridiculous, and most terrible dc.

The rise of arsenal, a 4issue miniseries written by j. Many dc heroes can pull off the whole grimdark attitude. For us, superhero movies are like those tiny chocolates you find on your pillow at hotels. When you flip through a comic book, youre looking at a medium that has existed for less than a century. Here are the ten worst legacy characters of all time. In fact, 20 years after the war ended, stan lee was still milking this idea for all it was worth when he created the villain hatemonger, the purplehooded racist. Worst comic book characters reinventions screenrant. Even villains can become fascinating when an evil genius is imbued with the powers of a norse god.

Of course, the entire marvel universe is full of characters who are a lot. Here are worst weakest characters in the marvel universe. Most inappropriate comic book characters ever egg fu. For marvel, its harder to define without offending a lot of the comic book originators. Rob liefeld has long been derided as one of the worst comic book artists of all time. The 8 best and 7 worst mcu character evolutions so far. The fiery connection between garfield and emma stones gwen stacy was a highlight of this series, and made the film a totally adequate adaption of the comic book character. The greatest comicbook characters in the canon have been debated and argued over for decades. This character is, simply, an ordinary spanish bullfighter to has turned to a life of crime. Those heroes and villains so lame they rarely last an issue.

This includes antiheroes and villains that are now heroes. You have likely heard the idle question if you could have one superpower, what would it be. Whizzer is one of the earliest marvel characters created and, to prove were not shitting you, we are simply. Some are less, others are much less and then some are leather boy, 3d man and hell cow. Here are 17 of the weirdest marvel villains, and how their powers turned out to be less than helpful. The new and improved nerdy news today we bring you top 8 stupidest comic book characters jess is back to give you her thoughts on who she thinks are the stupidest comic book characters ever created. Watchmojo top 10 stupidest comedy movie characters. Earlier this week we posted a list of the 10 best animated comic book tv adaptations of all time giving equal time to the opposite end of the spectrum, its time to. The show is clever but that doesnt mean the characters are too. Sep 16, 2014 here are worstweakest characters in the marvel universe.

Set during christmas, it brings together several favored characters from his previous books set in the fictional town of pine cove, a recurring location in moores novels. Snowflame has to be one of the weirdest characters to ever grace a comic book page. Top 10 characters in comedy shows that the other characters hate. However, before the new 52, she had another weakness that was possibly one of the dumbest in marvel or dc comics for an overpowered character. For some more well known origin stories that just dont make any damn sense, check out marvel comics vs. I know that your question refers to a singular character and also refers to the previous decade but as of recent news i would have to say the 2020 new warriors from marvel. The postcrisis shazam was a gritty and grim character, which was the complete wrong way to take a supehero thats a literal kid in disguise. The 6 most bizarrely offensive comic book supervillains. It was a reboot at the right time which introduced many of the modern writers to the medium. Jul 22, 2011 marvel comics is responsible for a complete revitalization of the comic book industry in the 60s, some of the greatest and most beloved characters and superhero stories in history, and helping to convince the mainstream that comic books are a legitimate art form. The top ten dumbest fictional characters of all time 1 patrick star patrick star is a fictional character in the american animated television series spongebob squarepants. Pages in category lists of comics characters the following 44 pages are in this category, out of 44 total. World war ii was a boon to american comic writers, because suddenly there was a universal thing that everyone already hated that could be easily incorporated into comics.

A great resource for these characters is the public domain superheroes wiki. So, without further ado heres my list of 27 of the lamest characters created in comic book history. The stupid comics pages have been neatly categorized for your convenience. No matter how hard we try, we cant all be captain america, thor, hulk or iron man.

If ive missed any of your favourites for the title. Power girl had a vulnerability to unprocessed, natural materials. But not every comic marvel published was a masterpiece in fact, some arent even good. From superheroes that can only pick up radio, to people that can only teleport very small distances, we count 15 incredibly useless comic book characters ever. The 40 worst rob liefeld drawings progressive boink. Get all good price and hot deals of dumbest comic book characters here. Some of these weaknesses were so dumb that the publishers chose to bury the weaknesses completely and some are not considered canon anymore. Most inappropriate comic book characters ever grunge. Oct 11, 2019 the best tv shows to leave on in the background popular tv shows that dove into seriously weird interfamilial plots gay actors who play straight characters the best washington redskins running backs of all time the 20 best female characters in naruto women who al pacino has dated top 10 current queries in comic book characters. Without those characters, there wouldnt be any book to. The 7 crappiest super heroes in comic book history. I mean, what the hell are you guys doing over there at marvel.

Back when i was a early to mid teen, stories like xmen, spiderman, flash and superman were fun. Top ten greatest authors celynwelshy top 10 hunger games characters rockrockmountain top ten stephen king books top ten worst books ever best novels of all time booklover1 top ten rick riordan books lilyb. You know those times you create a comic book character so fantastic that it gets cancelled after one issue. The 10 worst comic book characters in the marvel universe.

Nov 10, 2017 think the villains in marvel movies are bad. Here are the 15 most useless superheroes in the dc universe. You may think you have seen some duds in costume before, but some of the characters featured below could probably serve mankind better by calling it quits and hanging up their respective capes. Originally known as the overlord of crime, the omnivorous owl has the power to actually glide thru the air on the slightest wind currents. I mean which characters dont make any sense which makes you. Marvel vs marvel dc comics funny comics dead pool comic book characters comic books. The worst of the worst, the absolute apex of terrible writing, art, and social consciousness in comics. The 10 worst comic book adaptations of all time features forget iron man and the dark knight for a minute, and instead be frightened by 10 comic book adaptations that. What i remember best was the insanely good plot and characters that came with alan moores swamp thing run in 1984 85. We take a look at 40 of his worst offenses to the medium.

Top ten stupidest comic book character names top 10 shocking moments in comic books top 10 moments in captain america. Look, a lot of this comic book shit doesnt make sense. Top 8 stupidest comic book characters nerdstache youtube. Nov 15, 2016 doorman is a guy who can use his body to make a door. The 10 dumbest comic book characters of all time quick raise of hands, who else is excited about the new fantastic four. The 30 most ridiculous comic book characters ever ranker. The whole dude, he is too old for her is absolute rubbish. Most underrated comic book characters part 1, the most underrated superheroes and supervillains of all time who deserve more exposure in comics and movies. Another top 10 stupidest characters in horror movies. Dc is home to the worlds greatest super heroes, including superman, batman, wonder woman, green lantern, the flash, aquaman and more. Top ten best marvel super heroes top ten comic book superheroes top ten batman villains best dc comics characters best comic book super. A throwback to the bad old 90s days of comicbook movies 3. In 1990, kitchen sink press awarded this single issue as the worst comic of the past 25 years. Ten seemingly silly marvel characters who are actually pretty cool.

Oct 24, 2018 12 marvel characters and 12 dc that have the dumbest weaknesses. He is voiced by actor bill fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show. Cats, comic books and spaghetti westerns are my thing. Best childrens book series top ten things that shouldnt have happened in warrior cats best diary of a wimpy kid books scariest goosebumps books top 10 diary of a wimpy kid characters more childrens lists. Comic books are known for creating characters that are meant to be role models. The 50 greatest comicbook characters movies empire. Today, the weaknesses of powergirl is the same as the weaknesses of superman, where she is vulnerable to kryptonite and magic. Witch of the black rose on the list, but that comic has proven to. A throwback to the bad old 90s days of comic book movies 3. This is a list of my top 100 comic book heroes from any comic book series.

In comic books, this is so rampant that comic book death is a commonly known nerd. And whats strange is that this never changed, even when he began thinking to himself. Captain america has one the most classic costumes in all of comic books. Professional wrestling can be extremely dumb at times. Who is the worst comic book character introduced in the. Civil war comic book top ten best walking dead comic book moments top ten stupidest characters in the motherdaughter book club list stats.

Sep 16, 2017 if you have seen game of thrones you would know how almost every character makes some stupid decisions in it and gets killed because of them. Every modern marvel event ranked from worst to best. Meet skateman, who has no superpowers and whose only defining traits are that he has a scarf on his face and fights crime on roller skates. Comic books seem to be being adapted more and more every year, so it would be impossible to create a comprehensive list of the worst characterisations with only ten entries, the focus here will be. The greatest comic book characters in the canon have been debated and argued over for decades. What lies ahead are a handful of the most hopeless comic book heroes ever penned. This article takes a look at some of the worst characters to grace the pages of comic books. The creations of bon kane, bill finger, jerry siegel, joe. The worst walking dead episode rated by fans revealed the walking dead kofi outlaw 8 hours ago the walking deads highest rated episode revealed. Sep 09, 2017 depends on what you read and your level of intelligence. If ive missed any of your favourites for the title, let me know.

Which makes the decision to xtreme him up with this bulky, ugly armor all the more baffling. Spawning out of the already monumentally terrible cry for justice event, the rise of arsenal follows roy harper, the green arrows former side kick, as he recovers from the events that destroyed his life. When crafting a villain, motivation is one of the most important bits to get right. Those ideas we can t believe got past the idea stage, much less past the drawing. This is about the only thing they can be lauded however. Stupid comics the newest page, stranger danger, is here. Jan 21, 2015 from superheroes that can only pick up radio, to people that can only teleport very small distances, we count 15 incredibly useless comic book characters ever to waste their presence on your eyeballs. The book inspired many bolsheviks, including vladimir lenin, who wrote a pamphlet with the same title in 1901.

Sure, everybody was buying stacks of comics with hologram covers and quoting wolverine nonironically, but so, so many godawful new characters. Torpedo screamed to himself so often that he lived in a constant state of ambush. The stupidest twist in comic history comic book heroes. The 8 best and 7 worst mcu character evolutions so far after 10 years and 18 films with many more on the way, cbr takes a look at how well the mcu has developed its ever expanding cast. Sep 30, 2008 fictional characters have been coming back to life since as far back as jesus and sherlock holmes. Stupidest comic book moments top ten list thetoptens. Dc has the worst reputation for creating superheros worthy of a headdesk, but marvel have a fair share of facepalms too. Shazam is the power fantasy of every comic book reading kid. From superheroes that can only pick up radio, to people that can only teleport very small distances, we count 15 incredibly useless comic book characters ever to waste their presence on your eyeballs.

Its much more costefficient than bringing real people back. Some of these weaknesses were so dumb that the comic book. Ebony white is one of the most racist depictions of black. Here are ten of the worst comic book characters in the marvel universe. Just be thankful there are no film versions of comic book villains as awful as lady stiltman or pastepot pete. May 29, 2014 from villains that can melt into confectionary, to vigilantes whose only crime is that theyre obese, we count 15 horribly awful comic book villains ever to find their way onto printed pages. Its staged fights, promoted by carnival barkers, where dudes use razors to slice themselves open to bleed. Yes they need their boyfriends help because they have no clue what they are doing at the start, but as the book continues, they actually get better and better and are actually very strong, realistic, occasionally annoying but what character isnt. For every spiderman, batman, superman or wolverine theres a. With all you need about informations, prices of dumbest comic book characters, we always supply the cheapest cost, compare and the best service to you. Every modern marvel event ranked from worst to best paste. In that magical world a nerd can be transformed into an incrediblycool crimefighter with just one bite from a radioactive spider. There are so many great characters that are dead because of their stupid decisions and still, the.

Sep 07, 2017 in the watchmen comic book series, nite owl ii had a beer belly. They say the camera adds ten pounds, so with the upcoming watchmen movie, it might be a good idea for nite owl ii to start getting. The creations of bon kane, bill finger, jerry siegel, joe shuster, stan lee. The 10 most asinine 1990s comic book characters who never. Captain americas armor the worst dressed avengers 3 of 21. So in honor of this big green failure, were taking a look back at the 25 worst comic book movies, just to show reynolds and company that, yes, it. One of marvels most prominent black characters is killed to. The 10 worst legacy characters of all time newsarama. The 10 worst comic book characters to invite to your holiday dinner. And sometimes he screamed about how much he liked the sound of music. Within those approximate 80 years, comic book stories and the avatars within have. Jun 18, 2017 the slumps may be understandable especially for a comic book character like superman who has existed since 1938 but the worst story lines and characters to come out of them are often.

Any comic book creator looking to use one of these should. The new and improved nerdy news today we bring you top 8 stupidest comic book characters jess is back to give you her thoughts on who she thinks are the stupidest comic. With the lamest powers, stories, and artwork imaginable, these best of the worst comic book characters ever have lasted for ages, only by virtue of how stupid they are. As a child, matt murdock was blinded by radioactive waste while trying to save a stranger that was about to get hit by a truck that was carrying it. But, it also cannot be denied that every now and then marvel has dropped the ball and. Not so with the matador of the marvel comics universe. The matadors quest for an ancient piece of lost treasure leads him to run afoul of captain america, with disastrous results caps super strength, speed. An unabridged commercial compact disc recording of the original edition of the stupidest angel was issued with narration by tony roberts. The 100 best comic book characters of all time paste. Krul managed to become the worst comic book ever written before it even ended. Comic book fans can be resistant to change, but when these are the examples of.

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