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The third episode of new york is neither as powerful as the first or as uneven as the second. I hope stella will appear in at least a few episodes in the near future. Ny fans know by now, melina kanakaredes is out and sela ward is in as the new female lead. He rushes to the scene where stella is on the ground unconscious, while her boyfriend, frankie. Mac hears of a shooting at stellas address over the police radio. New york and it revolves around police officer kevin hopkins, who shot a man whilst pursuing two jewelry shop burglars. Both my last 2 videos got taken down and i got strikes to my account. Jessica angell, jessica angell 32 episodes 20062009. Detective mac taylor, a dedicated investigator who believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story, is a decorated marine. They have under fire a man of about forty years, white, armed to the teeth who has taken refuge into an abandoned warehouse and he screams that will only speak with detective taylorof from the scientific of new york said danny they also said they he had done a morning bath in the river, before noticing the police he added. Whereas last year, danny messer was usually seen working together. Stella s psycho boyfriend used the website, and an ad at the end of the ep told viewers to visit the site to see what stella saw. The longrunning friday night procedural saw ratings drop over the course of its last few seasons. In the same episode, he also gives stella the wonderful news that she is hivnegative after performing the pcrdna test for her episode 321, past imperfect.

Orig and much better than miami, and the stories are a. Over the nine seasons, a total of 197 original episodes of csi. Stella remembers shooting him, but she isnt clear on all that happened up to that time. Ny and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. Frankie first appeared in the second episode of season two, grand murder at central. Two seemingly unrelated deaths are tied together when csi discovers that the victims were raped by the same man 8 years apart. Mac and danny question the employees of a meatpacking plant after the owner was mauled and eaten by a tiger at a new york animal conservatory. Guest stars include markpaul gosselaar as paul winthrop, mark valley as detective daniel shaw and eric roberts as daniel larson. Ny, waves while filming an episode in foley square, wednesday, sept. Ny reveals noble exit for stella bonasera matt richenthal at july 29, 2010 12. Actress melina kanakaredes, of the cbs television series csi. After a body falls from the 59th street bridge, the csi team finds a compass near the body pointing east, and realizes its the third victim of the compass killer. Flack remains unconscious for the remainder of the episode, his concerned colleagues, especially mac, standing vigil at his bedside. When stella posits that the baby could be a girl, danny is skeptical, pointing out that his mother had only boys, and that lindsay has three brothers.

As soon as danny found shane caseys prints on his dog tags at the end of flag on the play, i knew shane was targeting danny. Angell had four older brothers and her father was a detective sergeant. Ny is a cbs police procedural drama series created as second spinoff of csi. Ny producers have been hinting for several weeks now that one of the six original regular cast members would be written out of the show sometime during the first four episodes. Stella bonasera announced monday that this past season on the cbs series would be her last. Sometimes csi can be dull, but now and then you get a pretty good episode. He and his partner stella bonasera, an orphan who became a well traveled, well educated detective despite the odds against her. Stellas most recent romantic relationship was with an artist named frankie mala.

With gary sinise, melina kanakaredes, carmine giovinazzo, anna belknap. Jessica jess angell was a homicide detective on csi. The morelands, the sad couple searching for any news of their son, ground the episode. Basils orphanage and left when she was eighteen til death do we part.

Ny reveals noble exit for stella bonasera tv fanatic. Monroe seems to look up to detective mac taylor as a mentor and father figure. Until their rescue, taylor is able to keep flack alive using a shoelace and prior experience in the beirut barracks bombings. Ny episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. The character of stella bonasera is mac taylors secondincommand in the fictional new york police departments crime lab of the television show csi. Detective stella bonasera is a fictional character and a coprotagonist of the cbs crime drama csi. I hear her contract was up and she was approached by cbs and cbs tv studios with a new deal but opted to. As of the seventh season, she has moved to the new orleans crime lab. But just how will detective stella bonasera be written out of the show. I cant vouch for the other versions, but 90% of the victims and killers are beautiful, white men and women in their 20s and 30s. Shane casey is captured by police but soon escapes. Snow daynew yorks biggest drug bust ever puts the lab at risk.

Ny producers have been hinting for several weeks now that one of the six original regular cast. In the city that the third edition of the csi franchise sets. Meanwhile, detective flack, still dealing with angells death, goes awol. Portrayed by melina kanakaredes, stella appeared in six seasons of csi.

Ny soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. The csis are investigating the murder of a hotel concierge, but while doing this they hear gun shots fired across the street and find a. Stella and im guessing that after almost getting shot that she wanted to live a little. My biggest problem with vacation getaway isnt so much a problem with the episode itself as it is with the second half of nys sixth season, specifically the shane casey arc. Look for the first episode back to pick up several months after the events in mays finale. Mac allows stella to remove his tie at the end of episode 123 what you see is. Hopkins killed timothy brown, insisting the man took a shot at him first. The season introduced a new regular character, jo danville, after regular stella bonasera moved to new orleans to head up their crime lab.

Mac comes back to new york, but there isnt time to recover form the last events. Mac hears of a shooting at stella s address over the police radio. In addition to caseys inmate number, the bill also has a series of symbols and the reversal of the words e pluribus unum to read from one, many. New york in the second episode of the new season, grand murder at central station. Ny just to see how little the scenarios resemble nyc at all most of the time. Ny is going to lose its stella bonasera and gain a new leading lady. Born in greece in april 15, 1975 making her 3435 in 2010, stella is a halfgreek, halfitalian orphan. This episode is a bit unusual for csi ny as the initial suspect, serial arsonist leonard brooks, ends up helping mac and the team to some extent in solving the crime, which is an interesting twist. Ny star melina kanakaredes is leaving the veteran cbs crime drama after 6 seasons. The third edition of the csi franchise sets up shop in the big apple, where taciturn detective mac taylor gary sinise and his partner, detective stella bonasera melina kanakaredes, lead a crimesolving team. She is a halfgreek, halfitalian orphan, who grew up moving from foster home to foster home due to the death of her mother in a traffic accident when stella was just 2 years old grounds for. Last season offered plenty of great how i met your mother quotes, but little. While most of the team is dealing with off site calls, mac, stella bonasera and hawkes are trapped trying to save the lab.

He called it the aresanob, which is apparently a peruvian word for a ladys soul. The show follows the investigations of a team of nypd forensic scientists and police officers identified as crime scene investigators. Ny has made my sunday nights as exciting as the time profiler was broadcast the cast is fantastic melina kanakaredes is also greek, gary sinise is better than ever. The csi unit faces the final showdown with the gig harbor killer whose motives are finally revealed. Vanessa ferlito aiden burn will be leaving the cast of csi. Like his counterparts in las vegas and miami, taylor knows that people may lie, but the evidence rarely does. Its a solid hour of csi, and it takes a preposterous situation and makes it believable, as well as managing to add a human element to it. Stella bonasera 140 episodes 20042010 guest stars emmanuelle vaugier det. Meanwhile, nick stokes makes a decision that will affect the entire team moving forward.

In the following episode, communication breakdown, danny spends a great deal of time throughout the episode picking out possible names for the baby, which he assumes will be a boy. Mac and stella visit the old cash bar and discover one of the dollars stuck to the wall has been altered. Stellas psycho boyfriend used the website, and an ad at the end of the ep told viewers to visit the site to see what stella saw. He then leaves clues for the crime lab encrypted in dollar bills that suggest that danny is his next target. He previously dated a suicidegirl according to episode 305, oedipus hex, much to the surprise of colleague danny messer. Ny the seventh season was released on dvd in the u. Stellas most recent romantic relationship was with frankie mala, an artist.

Mac and danny go 700 feet below ground to investigate when a construction worker is killed in a tunnel explosion. Ny, melina kanakaredes is hanging up her detective badge. She first appeared in people with money, after the murder of aiden burn. Monroe quickly made friends of her colleagues after joining the csi. Ny, from the beginning, has been by far the best of the csi franchise.

Melina kanakaredes, who played detective stella bonasera for six seasons on the popular cbs crime drama, has decided not to renew her contract. In that episode, detective stella bonaseras boyfriend created a sculpture for her. Well, this video is finally finished but i am terrified that i am uploading it. And no she wasnt fired, according to michael ausiello she was offered a new deal, but decided to move on. Detective stella bonasera was the halfgreek halfitalian american assistant day shift supervisor for the new york crime lab. Orig and much better than miami, and the stories are a much better balance of labtechno and human interest. The series ran from september 22, 2004, to february 22, 20. Angell sometimes briefed the csis at their crime scenes. He and his partner stella bonasera, an orphan who became a well traveled, well educated. Luckily for her, adam seemed to be on the same page about what their one night stand was and the both of them remained professional about it throughout the episode so stella s character didnt really go down in my books. At the end of the episode, they show her checking the internet for the meaning of aresanob. Stella gave the new arrival some straight advice on living and working in the big city.

The 6 month period of macs recovery from the injuries he received during the season 8 season finale get explored some in flashbacks. Commuted sentences he had originally hoped that the sons would follow in his footsteps and join the police, but jess became the one. Nys forensic investigators use hightech science to follow the evidence and solve crimes in the big apple. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. Ny crime scene investigation is an american police procedural television series that ran on cbs from september 22, 2004, to february 22, 20, for a total of nine seasons and 197 original episodes. A limousine driver is shot dead inside his car, while a concert by kid rock is happening inside. In the season 5 episode grounds for deception, it is revealed that stellas mother was a. Across the board, the acting is superior, the characters and their relationships between and among each other is at least as good as csi. Ny star melina kanakaredes is leaving the veteran cbs crime drama after 6. Peterson, star of the mothership csi series, who departed it last year. Ny, after which she was replaced by jo danville, played by sela ward.

After consoling stella bonasera, who is anxiously awaiting the result of an. Jan 14, 2009 visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. This edition follows a new york city forensics team headed by det. At last a mystery tv series which intrigues you and pushes you to guess the assassinate i was a passionate viewer of profiler and now even though with many differences csi. Throughout various episodes, the writers of the show have revealed that bonasera began her career working as a patrol officer and once worked narcotics out of brooklyn north. Melina kanakaredes, who played bonasera, did not renew her contract csi. The actress offered no explanation for her exit, but issued a brief statement about her tenure with csi saying, i made some amazing and lifeline friendships during my six seasons on csi. Ny producers have been hinting for several weeks now that. Detective stella bonasera was the halfgreek halfitalian american assistant.

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